Weekly Devotional July 3, 2021

Is God Calling You?

Exodus 2:1-10

In Exodus chapter one, the Pharaoh had ordered that all male children of the Hebrews be thrown into the Nile and killed, but every female child could live. The Pharaoh feared that the Hebrew people would grow too rapidly in number and join with another nation and fight against Egypt.

The only way he could think of to keep this from happening was to oppress them, to make them slaves. Even then they would grow in number and rebel against the Pharaoh. When the order was given to kill the male children, Moses mother knew she would have to hide her son.

According to the bible, the Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses and saved him from being killed. Moses became the Pharaoh’s step Grandson.

The Pharaoh had no idea he was raising the man who would lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt and to another country. This country would become their own new home.

A similar thing happened when Jesus was born. King Herod issued a decree that all male children would be killed and all female children could live. King Herod lived in fear of Jesus growing up and leading a revolt against the Romans. What Herod didn’t know, was that Jesus didn’t come to persuade His people to revolt. Jesus came to die for the sins of the world and become the king of the Kingdom of God, not the Roman Kingdom.

Joseph and Mary chose to flee to another country with Jesus until the death of Herod. Then they returned to Israel not to Judah. They were still afraid of Herod’s son who had become king.

It is ironic that Moses was raised by the man who wanted him killed and Jesus parents were warned by the people the king had sent to spy for him. Yes, it is an imperfect world, but if God is in charge, He uses these situations to His advantage.

These same situations happen here in America every day. No I’m not talking about the life of all male children being threatened, but the slightly imperfect situations that happen. God doesn’t look for perfect people with a PhD to do His work, God looks for those who will do what He wants them to do. Those who are faithful and are already following His commands. The person God chooses may be a politician, they could be a school teacher, they could be a farmer, or they could be in prison like Chuck Colson. God looks at the heart. If the heart is pure, God can equip anyone to do His work.

Anytime you feel God is wanting you to do His work, answer the call, say yes. Some churches now require a college degree to allow you to preach or teach at their church. Trust God, if that is the church where He wants you to work, He will make a way. God will not allow you to do something you are not equipped for. Don’t miss out on God’s calling because you don’t feel you are qualified. If you are not qualified, God will give you the qualifications

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