Weekly Devotional – July 17, 2021

Give God Your Best

Malachi 1:1-14

My dad was a poor man, our family raised most of what we ate, but my dad was faithful to God. The one thing my dad insisted on was that each of us had nice clothes to go to church. He and I had suits to wear and my mom and younger sister had a nice dress. There were times my mom had to borrow coffee for my dad to have a cup on Friday before going to work, but he insisted on our Sunday best.

After I was grown and out of the house, I asked my dad why he couldn’t buy me tennis shoes to play basketball, but we always got new Sunday clothes twice a year. At that point he reached for his bible and read me this scripture in Malachi. Then he looked at me and said, “God expects us to give Him our best, not the basketball couch.

After God gave His message to Malachi, no one heard from Him for 450 years. At the end of that time He gave His Son to try to salvage the people of Israel again, but they rejected Him again. Then He gave the gospel to the Gentiles. Now it appears the Gentiles are turning against Him also. The people of today would rather wear shorts and tee shirt to church and save our money for drugs or gambling. Since there is no other people to favor, the only thing left is for God to wipe the slate clean and start over. What a sad day.

I have heard many teachers and preachers say that the Old Testament doesn’t apply to us because we aren’t under the law. I agree with part of that statement, but not the rest. No, we aren’t under the law.

The message Malachi delivered from God was not a law, but a command (John 15:9-10) and we are supposed to follow the commands of God.

In this chapter God told His people what they had done. They cheated Him with their half dead sheep and their three legged lambs. They gave their unwanted sacrifices and saved the best for the market place.

Do we not do the same things today? The preachers are so busy trying to increase the numbers and the money in the church, they sit back and don’t teach and preach the things that would help people understand why the church can’t grow. There are only two things they need to do to increase the numbers and they are doing neither of them.

The first thing a church must do to grow is to be in one accord. The church must have the mind of Christ and to do so they must follow the commands of God. (Acts 2:46).

God commands in Malachi that we give Him out best. If our best is a pair of pants with holes in them and a tee shirt, then so be it. However, if we wear something “comfortable” to church and wear a suit or nice dress to work the next day, aren’t we cheating God in the same manner as the Children of Israel did? The pastors of the churches don’t even wear their best. They wear a shirt and pants on Sunday morning then wear a nice suit to preach a funeral later that week. Are they saying they will only honor God if He is dead? Heaven Forbid!!

The second thing the churches are doing wrong, is trying to do God’s job (Acts 2:47). The Apostles were told by Jesus to proclaim the Good News and make disciples of all men. They were never told to conduct membership drives.

The church I grew up in, never changed from their worship of God. They are misguided about some things, but not about who does what in the church. They all agree that if they follow the commands of God and do His will, God will give the increase. I first remember the church as having 17 members. Now when you pass that church on Sunday morning the church grounds are full of cars and sometimes they are parked along the highway. The one thing that stands out to me is, they all still wear their Sunday best.

Put God to the test. Follow all His commands and give Him your best when you worship and see what types of increases God will give you. You might even get that new baby the doctors tell you that you can never have.

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