Weekly Word Definition – Blasphemy

The Definition for the week is for Blasphemy:

The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk:

a:  the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God.

b:  the act of claiming the attributes of a deity: Merriam – Webster.

In classical Greek this word meant primarily “defamation” or “evil-speaking” in general; “a word of evil omen,” hence, “impious, and irreverent speech against God.”

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

Sadly, many people commit blasphemy every day and don’t even know it. We hear these big words used by teachers and preachers in their teachings, but no one ever tells you what they mean. Until recently many people didn’t have access to a bible dictionary and the other dictionaries don’t have a lot to say about words from the bible.

I think everyone has accidentally crossed over this line at one time or another. However, there are some that cross these lines without hesitation.

Just as Christ, what we have is the Holy Spirit.

We don’t have healing powers of our own. We must depend on the healing power from God.

We don’t have the power to raise the dead. What we do have is the Divine Love and Holy nature we need to console the families of the dead. This love and divine knowledge come from God and only to those who study and get to know God.

People who hate God for some reason, people who doubt God’s abilities and especially those who think they know more than God, all these are committing blasphemy every day.

Man was created to be a friend and companion to God. Then man sinned, and God is trying to bring as many as He possibly can back to His good Grace. God is willing to forgive even blasphemy, but you must meet God halfway.

Blasphemy. is a transliteration of a Greek word meaning literally “to speak harm.”  In the biblical context, blasphemy is an attitude of disrespect that finds expression in an act directed against the character of God. Old Testament Blasphemy draws its Christian definition throughHolman Bible Dictionary

On television news you can see the biggest form of blasphemy we could ever commit. There are those who take to the streets and demonstrate against the leaders of our nation. They let things escalate into fights and swearing at each other. They curse God and blame Him for what is going on in the world. Then they go to church and sing praises to God without ever asking for His forgiveness.

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