Weekly Word Definition – Empty

“Empty,” adjective meaning void, etc., as the translation of rēḳām, etc., occurs in the literal sense of “with nothing” (Genesis 31:42; Job 22:9); in 2 Samuel 1:22, it is equivalent to “in vain,” “hungry” (Isaiah 29:8); in some instances the meaning is comparative only; bāḳaḳ, “to gush out,” “to pour out,” “to empty” is used adjectivally (Hosea 10:1, “Israel is an empty vine”; but the Revised Version (British and American) takes the Hebrew word in its original sense of “pouring out,” rendering “Israel is a luxuriant vine”); tohu, “emptiness” (Job 26:7); kenós, “empty” is so translated (Mark 12:3); in Matthew 12:44, the Greek word is scholázō, “to be free,” “unoccupied”; “to empty” (verb) is the translation of bāḳaḳ (Nahum 2:2), of dālal, “to become poor,” etc. (Isaiah 19:6, the English Revised Version “minished,” the American Standard Revised Version “diminished”). The Revised Version (British and American) has “empty” for “vain” (Eph. 5:6), “emptied himself” for “made himself of no reputation” (Phil. 2:7), “emptied out” for “gathered” (2 Kings 22:9; 2 Chron. 34:17, margin “poured out”). The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

  1. Containing nothing; not filled or occupied:
  2. Lacking meaning or sincerity
  3. Having no value or purpose
  4. Hungry

“An empty heart is a lonely place” fill it with the Holy Spirit and you will never again be alone.

I remember back in the early 90’s, I was on my way home to my family after being gone for seven- and one-half months. We had already left our last port (Rota, Spain) and we were not due to pull into port again for another ten days.

In our haste to get out of Spain, we had not taken the time to hand out the mail that was picked up there. That afternoon, there was mail. I had been below decks when the letter came. It was a letter from my Mother-in-law (mom).

I always looked forward to my letters from mom. She always had a way of lifting my spirits, though she never even knew I had a problem.

This time was going to be different. Her letter this time was to tell me she had cancer. She had been battling cancer for several months but had withheld the news to keep me from worrying while I was deployed. She only lasted a few days after I got home. She passed in her sleep.

I wasn’t a Christian at that time. I didn’t have God in my heart, now mom was gone. The person that had kept me sane, lifted me up when I was down, gave me advise when I needed it, and gave me almost as much as my wife. She was gone.

Can you imagine how empty I felt at that moment? Can you imagine having to go through something of this nature without God?

That was the perfect example of “Empty.”
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