Weekly Word Definition – Effectual Prayer

Effectual Prayer

Occurs in Authorized Version, Jas 5:16. The Revised Version renders appropriately: “The supplication of a righteous man avails much in its working”, i.e., “it moves the hand of Him who moves the world.” Easton’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

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Effectual calling (or effective calling) in Calvinist Christian soteriology is a stage in the ordo salutis in which God calls a person to himself. It relates to, but different from external calling, in which a person hears the gospel message.

Wayne Grudem suggests that it is a summons from the King of the universe that has “such power that it brings about the response that it asks for in people’s hearts.” Grudem appeals to the story of Lydia: according to Acts 16:14, “The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message” (NIV).

Effectual Adjective

(of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.

Synonyms:   effective · successful · efficacious · productive · constructive · fruitful · potent · powerful · worthwhile · helpful · of help · of assistance · beneficial · advantageous · valuable · useful · of use

Society and the Christian Churches all seem to get lost in the word effectual. However, there are two other word there that “we” Christians seem to overlook.

The first word is fervent. It is the next word in the sentence. The word means to be passionate about your prayer. You should want your prayer answered so badly, you are willing to do anything in return.

The second word is righteous. According to this verse of scripture, it is not the person you are praying for that needs to be righteous, it must be you that is righteous.

To be righteous, you must be virtuous and upright. You must be decent and principled.

When and only when you attain this “righteous” state in your heart, you can pray and effectual prayer for your brother or sister in Christ. James 5:16.

Are your prayers effectual? If not, why?
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